How To Understand Food Labels

How To Understand Food Labels:
Main Product Labels
How many times has something like this happened? And, you just hate ‘lite stuff’; it just doesn’t taste the same. You read well enough and know you reached for ‘regular.’ Now, you have to force it down, or give it away, and return to the grocery store for the ‘regular stuff.’ The labeling is strikingly similar.
How To Understand Food Labels

It’s not your fault. Marketing is what it is; and that’s strategy. It is strategy to figure out how consumers think and can be persuaded. Colors, shapes, fonts, display, and pricing have a profound effect on shoppers. Why would marketers want to indulge in such a strategy? Perhaps, a particular product is not selling as well as it was researched to sell, so special selling techniques have to be engaged including special promotions like a coupon attached to the neck of jars of an unknown brand of salsa verde. Buy it, and the coupon is instant for half off. However, the shopper has to be curious enough to open that coupon and read it so that it is presented at the checkout. The strategy could be as simple as running or market testing a new product in a reduced size and special price. If it works – supersize it for more money.

Content Labeling
Let’s play ‘Name That Food.’
Ingredients: water, sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean and/or cottonseed oil, and less than 2% of sodium caseinate (a milk derivative)**mono- and diglycerides, dipotassium phosphate, natural and artificial flavors, cellulose gel, color added, cellulose gum, carrageenan, dextrose. This may be an easy one. Nevertheless, all this to lighten a cup of coffee?!

What’s in a jar, can, carton, bottle, or even packaged meat? The only haven where a shopper doesn’t have to read for safe buying is the produce department. Well, there are a few exceptions there, one of which is packaged vegetables that require preservatives.

What’s In Nutrition Labeling For You?
Setting up a diet is very smart – that is, if you are well grounded and have a set nutrition goal. A diet does not necessarily signify the need for weight loss, nor does it have to suggest a health concern. Vegetarians are diet-specific eaters. Some people feel better eating on low fat diets; others prefer high protein diets; others prefer metabolic eating. The Food and Drug Administration Nutrition Facts labeling provides answers to questions a shopper may have about dietary eating, including serving sizes. A specific diet will give intake instructions and nutrition labels should be read to correlate with those instructions.

The FDA now is proposing a Nutrition Facts label update in the U.S. on the majority of food packages. This label initially was introduced 20 years ago, and it is an effective measure to encourage consumers to be more informed, which will help them make wise food choices. The update will consist of label language that provides quick comprehension; new ‘serving size’ requirements; a new labeling requirement for certain size packaging; and a ‘refreshed’ Nutrition Facts label design.

For The Rest of Us
Following a diet standard is out of the question because we eat what we want to eat – or what we can afford to eat. Dieter or independent, this is inescapable mainstream living. Even common sense eating is frequently distracted by fast food menus and oh-so delicious donuts (containing gluten) from the shop around the corner. And, don’t forget to bring home a super-sized drink! No time for front-and-back label reading this evening. The refrigerator will be stocked this weekend; take the reading glasses along.

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles: People have all been looking for a way to get rid of wrinkles and not have them return. There are many factors that can play into the reason why people are getting wrinkles that include smoking, not taking care of your skin properly, and aging. There are many products on the market that have shown to decrease fine lines and wrinkles but the results vary with different individuals. Instead of searching which product will work there are natural ways to try to get rid of wrinkles.
How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles

People can begin eating foods that are full of antioxidants. The types of food include kidney beans, red beans, strawberries, blueberries, and gogi berries. There have been great reviews with people that have started eating these types of fruits and beans that have actually seen a reduction in the wrinkles they had. The same goes with products used because results will vary and will be different with each person. Another great way to help improve your skin would be by taking a multivitamin daily. When taking this you will be sure to know you are getting the vitamins and minerals that your skin needs.

There are other great ways that can help your skin to see those wrinkles go away. People should make sure they are exfoliating their skin and can use a baby brush to get rid of the dead skin cells on their face and it will help to stimulate your face. One very important step would be to drink a lot of water daily. If you are drinking water it will help to keep your skin hydrated and in turn will get rid of the wrinkles you don’t want to see anymore. Another great step is to make sure to keep your skin well moisturized and put the cream on while your skin is still damp to the touch. This step has shown to help get rid of unwanted wrinkles. People have also said that sleeping on a satin pillow case is a wonderful idea instead of using a regular pillow case because it is soft on your skin. Other steps that will help would include wearing sunscreen when you are out in the sun to avoid any further damage to your skin. If you are in the sun without any protection it will lead to premature aging of the skin.

The other main things to avoid when trying to get rid of wrinkles is smoking cigarettes and also drinking alcohol. In any studies that have been taken it is proven that people who smoke and drink do have more wrinkles then those who do not. These are all wonderful natural ways to get your skin to look healthy and wrinkle free again. If you want to try other ways there are great anti wrinkle creams on the market that may work wonderful for you. The key is just finding the one that suits your skin and shows results. There are no shortage of creams you can try at affordable prices.

How To Wear Hair Accessories

How To Wear Hair Accessories: Hair styles are much easier to do when you have some fun hair accessories to put in. There are a wide range of hair accessories you can choose from. Some of them will be found at your local hair salon or in the hair accessories section of your favorite drugstore or general store. You can also find awesome hair accessories online if you know where to look.
How To Wear Hair Accessories

Headbands are not only great for the looks they offer. They also help keep your hair out of your eyes. Wear a pretty colored elastic headband while you exercise at the gym, or choose a more structured headband for school or the office. They are great when you are letting your bangs grow out because they keep them out of your way.

Scarves are excellent accessories because they can be worn almost anywhere on the body. This includes the hair. You can put scarves around a pony tail in a pretty bow or around the top of your head like a headband. Just make sure to pick scarves that aren’t too slippery, or they could slip out of your hair style easily.

Barrettes are one of the oldest types of hair accessories. Barrettes can be plain or very ornate. It depends on your style and what you are wearing with the barrette. For example, if you are a bride getting married, you might want a very large and sparkly barrette for your hair, but if you are just going to work, you might choose a more basic variety. Use them to pin half of your hair up or on the side for some extra bling.

Bun or Top Knot Makers
This hair accessory is one of the only ones that is made to be hidden. A bun or top knot maker wraps around a high pony tail. You fold the hair down over the top knot maker to create a neat roll. Lastly, you tuck in the extra ends of your hair and secure with bobby pins for a classic look.

Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are a girl’s best friend. These little accessories can be used in any situation to help keep hair in place. The nice things about bobby pins is that they also come in different colors. You can get brown bobby pins for dark hair or light colored pins for people with blonde or light brown hair. There are also black pins. Again, bobby pins are made to be hidden, so they stay in well.

Finally, consider adding flowers to your hair for a fun, spring look. Flowers in your hair look great for a wedding, but they can also look nice for everyday if you only use a few. Put one through your pony tail holder, or if you have a bun, stick in a few baby’s breath flowers here and there.

Hair styling can be easy and fun to do when you have the right accessories. Go shopping in stores or online to get the latest hair accessory fashions.

How To Style A Casual Summer Look

How To Style A Casual Summer Look: The summer months are truly those lazy and hazy days where the pace of life slows down and people tend to be casual, comfortable and simply enjoying the slower pace of life. Those warm months may mean that things are a bit more casual and cool; but that does not mean that one cannot look their absolute best. The key is to know how to create and thus pull of those amazing summer looks that are both casual but stylish at the same time. It comes down to knowing what to pair together and how to accessorize and update ones total look to work well with those more relaxed summer styles.
How To Style A Casual Summer Look

One of the keys to summer style is the right clothes but that depends on what one will be doing. A perfect casual outfit for just about any picnic, barbeque, lunch out on a deck or even stroll along a boardwalk is a great pair of khaki or denim shorts that are in one of the more stylish shorter lengths and then paired with a billowy and breezy top. This is then accented with strappy flat sandals and a casual bag such as one made of straw or perhaps even linen. Hair is pulled back and off the face and secured in a loose and flowing ponytail at the nape of the neck. Makeup is light and airy and just a touch of color for the eyes and lips is all that is needed to create this great and casual summer look.

Those who want a bit more class and perhaps flair but still want that casual summer cool look can opt for a sundress in a great pattern or perhaps a neutral solid color. A maxi length dress or one that hits right above the knees works well for everyone. The maxi length is great for evenings and the shorter styles work for the daytime. Sandals that have a pop of color or glimmer work well and a small purse is key as well. A few simple pieces of jewelery, hair piled loose and tousled on top of the head and light makeup complete this look. This is one option for those who want to have that casual vibe but have a it more style to their outfit as those summer dresses, and especially maxi dresses, are quite trendy and popular.

The ultimate key to knowing how to pair things together in the right way for summertime fun and casual confidence is using clothes that are not dark, not tight and allow one to show off their own natural beauty. It is the time of the year when makeup is optional and hair is to be left natural. The right casual summer look is always the perfect one when the total look is comfortable and makes one feel free and beautiful at the same time. It is a way to pay homage to summer as summer is when life slows down and thus clothes, looks and styles do as well and that is why loose, unstructured and cool styles for clothes, hair and makeup rule the summertime.

How To Apply Blush Makeup Tips

How To Apply Blush Makeup Tips: Blush comes in many different types and colors, and it can be complicated to choose the right one that flatters your complexion! Fortunately, there are ways to systematically go through your choices of blush and choose one that’s perfect for you and your individual skin tone. Once that’s done you just have to apply it!
How To Apply Blush Makeup Tips

Choosing Your Blush Type

There are several different styles of blush on the makeup market. First, there are the powders. You can purchase a pressed powder or loose powder blush. This is the most typical type of blush. You can also buy blush in a stick. Stick blush looks like a large lipstick, so don’t get it confused with your lip color! There is also cheek stain that can be used as blush. Cheek stain is slightly more permanent than stick blush.

Think about what type of skin you have. This will help you determine whether you want to go with a pressed or loose powder blush or a stick or stain blush. If you have dry skin as a rule, you will want the pressed or loose powder blush. On the other hand, if you tend to have oily skin, try a blush stick or stain.

Choosing Your Blush Color

The best way to determine what color of blush you should purchase is to look in the mirror after you exercise. Your face will get flushed naturally when you exercise. The color that rises up on your cheeks is the perfect color for your blush. Take a picture after you exercise to remember the shade. You can also talk to a makeup artist at a department store who can give you some different colored samples to try at home.

Applying Your Blush

Blush is fairly simple to apply. First, figure out what type of blush you have. If you have a stick blush, then you will simply dab a small amount of the cream onto each cheek and blend. Stick blush is great when you are on the go, but you have to make sure to blend evenly. Use your fingers or a dampened makeup sponge for best results. It’s also easy to apply blush stain. Simply dab your fingers into the stain pot before applying to your cheeks. Once again, make sure to blend thoroughly.

If you have a powder blush, you will also need a blush brush to apply your color. The application process is the same for both pressed blush and loose powder blush. Your brush should be large, full and soft. Blush and foundation brushes can be quite expensive, but rest shared that if you purchase a quality brush, you will have it for years to come.

Dip the brush into the pigment to start applying a powder blush. Swirl it around a few times before tapping off the excess. Next, swirl the color onto your cheeks. Blend it thoroughly into your foundations.

Remember all of these tips and tricks when you go makeup shopping the next time. Try different styles and colors of blush to find the one you really love.